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Boxing has been around for thousands of years and is an official Olympic event. Boxing occurred in ancient Egypt. Boxing involves two athletes punching each other with padded gloves, the goal is to knock their opponent down and out. Fights usually last three to twelve three-minute rounds. Boxing is now a popular activity in the fitness industry with boxing gyms across the world. Training usually includes various types of punches, bags, jumping rope, and footwork. Boxing makes it a great form of aerobic exercise.

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Come experience Boxing and MMA training at Top Defense and Fitness in Logan! We have some excellent Boxing coaches in our gym. Lionel Hogan is our head coach, please feel free to come on in and meet him.


Unleash your potential at TDF Martial Arts Academy, where age and gender are no barriers to becoming stronger, both inside and out. Whether you’re young or old, male or female, single or part of a family, our academy welcomes you to join a community dedicated to personal growth and safety. In today’s world, where the unsettling realities of violence, trafficking, and assault are ever-present, the importance of self-defense cannot be overstated. Did you know that learning martial arts can significantly boost your chances of effectively protecting yourself and your loved ones in dangerous situations?
At TDF Martial Arts Academy, we blend physical fitness with self-defense skills, ensuring you’re equipped to handle life’s challenges with confidence. Our expert instructors are committed to your health and well-being, offering personalized training that respects your unique journey. Martial arts isn’t just about fighting; it’s about building resilience, discipline, and mental fortitude. Don’t let fear dictate your life. Take the first step towards empowerment and join the TDF Martial Arts Academy family today. Together, we can create a safer, stronger community for everyone.

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Discover the social benefits of learning together, motivating one another, and growing stronger as a unit. Don’t wait for tomorrow; join us at TDF Gym today and empower yourself with martial arts skills that last a lifetime.


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